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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blogs, Shmogs

I've had a troubling few days trying to sort out the soul of my blog - should it be every day regardless of whether I have anything to say, should it be a weekly thing or a now and then thing? No doubt some would suggest that it shouldn't be anything and the best thing I could do with my time is - something else.

Obviously the point of it is to reach across the world and if I can't do that, then perhaps it can be something to keep me up to speed with my typing.

Should I wax on about going to Bristol yesterday and at some points being sad that I don't live in such a cosmopolitan hub that has cappucinos and B&Qs on every corner, or should I mention that very soon I was so hacked off about being stuck in traffic for most of the time that I was there, that I couldn't wait to get back to Cosy Corner and be offered a choice of a mug or a cup for my coffee. (There are, of course upsides to everything - I took two wing mirrors off, so if you are in need of one, let me know. I also said "hello" to people as I walked past them on a quiet bit of pavement, until I realised that I was behaving a little like Crocodile Dundee and felt an arse.)

Anyway, the point is almost academic as I think even my mum has now moved on to Chris Evans' blog...

The highlight of the day was a phone call from Huw as he was taking friends to the airport for their flight. He had arrived at their house in plenty of time, only to find them running around screaming sh**t!! as one of them had misunderstood the 24 hour clock on the tickets and they had just realised that they had two hours less to get to the airport than they had thought...
I think that the situation was made worse as they went in our car and therefore the sausage roll crumbs and the furry husks that were once apple cores on the floor probably made them feel sick. But, I suppose it could have been worse - it could have been in Huw's car which has had the sun beating down on those KFC boxes for a few weeks now...