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Jam Tomorrow

Farmer Joss and her young son need money, and fast. With her hippy father, Mick, she launches a business of guided walks, with the intention of leading well-paying, serene people through the beautiful mid Wales countryside. However, as the guests arrive at their dilapidated farm, Mick realises that his beloved goats are ill. The vet calls in The Ministry which slaps a quarantine order on the farm and everyone staying there.

As the sun beats down, tempers fray and the bureaucracy of The Ministry grinds slow. Joss battles to keep her guests happy whilst struggling with her own demons of debt and exhaustion. Then it becomes clear that some of the guests have different agendas, from finding a new partner, to making a new baby and others are only too happy to oblige. It’s not until the water dries up, the oil runs out and guests start to disappear that Joss feels things might be getting a little out of hand… 

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