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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello folks, and happy new year to you!

It's been an exciting Christmas, starting with scooping tomato skins from every crease of the car seats, going via giving my dad the bug for his Christmas gift, then to doctors, hospitals and pharmacists. Christmas was then spent mainly scraping things off blankets and washing towels, with scrambled egg for Christmas dinner. Great.

I was going to write my New Year's Resolutions, but then realised that they would be pretty much the same that they were when I was ten - and I didn't tidy my bedroom after them then either...

Our village has frozen. Our pipes froze and we had a few exciting hours of wandering round to neighbours with empty kettles with some very kind offers from people saying that we could come and powder our noses in their bathrooms if things got desperate. Luckily, we spoke to the bloke across the field who used to have family living in our house and within the hour he had phoned a dozen people and found out that we have two incoming supplies, so a kettle of water on an outside tap did the job and we are back to normal.
Not all good as I was getting used to weeing in the garden.

Have a happy 2009!