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Thursday, 30 April 2009

At last - The Bikini Shot!

And this time, hello from the (middle) pages of a natonal magazine! Yes, I've made it to My Weekly! See this week's edition, I'm there nestled between Fern Britton and an article on Fat Busting, Flat Tummy Tips! (is someone trying to tell me something?) And yes, it's the bikini shot that you always wanted to see.

The funny things about it are that:
a) my daughter said "is it Dad?" when I asked her who it was in the magazine.
b) as I took the photo myself on a camera timer, I have that look on my face that says, "has it clicked yet?" Because I have never seen that particular photo that large, I had never noticed that before.
c) it reminded me that the night before that photo was taken, I had slept in a deserted "camp site" (a dustbowl surrounded by stones) plagued with mice. The little swines nibbled everything in sight - my shoelaces, my dinner, my teabags and then when I went to bed - my tent, my sleeping bag and then the disrespectful little swines finished off by pooing in my cup.

So if you get chance, pop into a Newsagents this week and have a chuckle at my expense. And all for just 80p. Oh, and there's a good recipe for a cheese and ham sandwich on page 32.

Best wishes,