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Monday, 1 June 2009

Proof-reading and broken toes

Apologies for the delay in posting -we've been off for a week's sunshine in sunny Lyme Regis! My brother was away, so we were allowed to fill his house with sand and melted ice cream on condition we looked after the chickens and didn't lose the rabbit in the woods behind.
We've had a great time -as soon as the girls realised that the chickens did dances of excitement when slugs were dropped into their pen, that was the week's entertainment sorted and my brother's lettuces have never looked so good.
But, back down to earth with (literally) a bump when we came back and my penance for not immediately sorting all the suitcases and piles of sandy clothes out - choosing instead to have a day in the paddling pool in the garden - was to stub my toe on the hardest one that was left in the middle of the floor. My toe has gone funny shape and purple and I am left hobbling around and swearing. Karma is a terrible thing as it was only last weekend that I took the mick out of another mate for breaking his toe...

However, today I have received the proofs for Eating Blackbirds! I have now to read it all through again, knowing that what stays is actually what is printed. Quite scary really as although I have read Eats, Shoots and Leaves, I do have a tendancy to wing it when it comes to apostrophes... So, I will spend the day sat reading on the sofa, looking like my dad does when he sits amongst washing piled up either side of him, knowing that if he notices it, he has to do something about it.
The teapot is warmed, my red pen is poised and my toe is balanced on a large cushion, waiting for someone to notice it and provide a little sympathy - Huw has already informed me that I might be waiting some time...