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Monday, 18 October 2010

Ah, and at last more... The Foundation Phase

Hello - back again with fresh wind in my sails and a spare five minutes per evening and to save me getting up to date on the ironing, I thought I'd try another blog...

Our children's school is finally embracing the legislation on teaching practise that other schools have been doing for years, and to get us parents to understand it, we were offered to come along and watch a lesson and then have an explanation.
We all trudged in trying not to look uncomfortable and sat our fat arses on the tiny chairs and watched as the children did random things in their learning pods. There were lots of whispered comments (I started with, "ooh, it's a bit cold isn't it?") mainly comparing the happy children interacting with each other, various forms of media and their teachers with the miserable sods that we used to be, ducking blackboard rubbers and setting fire to the back of our teachers' jackets... Teaching really isn't what it used to be.