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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Come on folks, get with it...

I try not to rant about other parents, knowing that we are all a bit shit at times, but it does amaze me when people take their kids to a big old outdoors park - obviously with ideas of fun and enjoyment like we used to have as kids, running around kicking leaves and chatting, hand in hand, about nature and tree-related things - and then moan when they head straight for the mud.
Today we went to Westonburt Arboretum and alongside the thousands of people that were standing around looking at trees, the area was filled with the sound of "Joshua, get out of the mud - you'll have to drive home in your pants", "Lola, get out of the puddle, you'll get your wellingtons and your waterproof trousers muddy".

I of course have the moral highground, as my kids were covered in mud and filth before they even got there...