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Friday, 1 April 2011

W I's

Evening! Thought I'd better do a blog as I have been sniggering all day at something I heard last night... I occasionally do "talks" for Women's Institutes - thinking that I can't be any worse than the "My Operation" ones that my mum used to drag us too if we'd been naughty. Last night I went to a lively group in a nearby town and got there early enough to listen to the end of their meeting agenda. They were discussing an opportunity to have a table at a fair and sell some crafts. They were trying to remember what the fair had been like when they had done it last year and whether it was worth doing and one of them said, "Yes, that was the one that we all ended up buying each other's stuff just to clear the table." Someone else chirped up, "Perhaps we could do the stall again and buy it all back..." And I had some lovely cake. And I had two cups of tea. And someone thought that I was in my twenties! A good night all round I think...