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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gov funding of computer games

We all sort of know that too many computer games are bad for kids - they HAVE to be. Sitting on their arses looking at a screen for hours at a time is:
A) bad for their little bodies which should be running wild in the fields or being hurled off sofas,
B) such a waste of time
C) addling their minds when they should be asking, "Mum, why is your head a funny shape?"
The government is trying to tackle childhood obesity - spending lots of our money on telling us why we should stop our kids being mini-fatties, but then they spend lots more dosh on producing computer games and lots more on advertising the fact to our kids.
There are PILES of computer games on the market - just because the BBC ones are about yoga, fluff or flowers, it does not mean that they are better for kids than ones that disembowl aliens. Kids still sit in front of them when they should be chucking water at each other or teaching each other swear words. However, because these games are funded by the BBC, they have the stamp of approval and therefore are technically acceptable for many families.
I think the real reason the government fund computer games is so that staff can play them when they have the filters on the computers at work...