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Monday, 5 March 2012

The Laggard Surges Forth

When I first heard what the word 'Laggard' meant, I knew it was about me. Someone who doesn't embrace innovations - basically the person who was the last one to get a mobile phone. Yep, me.

I wasn't just the last person to own a mobile phone, I was the person who thought they were nonesense, unnecessary, unsocial things. That was of course until I was given one and then I thought they were gr8.

Therefore it'll be no surprise to anyone to know that I thought e-books were unnecessary - a solution to a non-problem. "How tiring!" I would proclaim. "And how can I read an e-book in the bath?" But then I had a look at one, and found myself saying, "Oooh, that's good isn't it.." Of course, I haven't bought one, as they aren't free, but I fully intend to one day, unless anyone has a spare that they can lend...

But that is why I've been pushing for my publisher to make my books electronic, and now it's happened! I feel like I'm finally near the front in terms of technology. I now not only have a mobile phone, but have pushed for an e-book, and that surely means that I can leave my Laggard tag behind.

That is, until I realised that everyone else has had them for years; most people have cleared their bookshelves and put Raspberry Pies on them instead. I, however, think Raspberry Pies are nonesense. Completely unnecessary; kids should be playing with stones rather than programming simple little computers that have the intention of revolutionising the world.

Go on: it could be the best £4.11 you've ever spent...

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