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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Living the rural dream? Get a life...

I seem to be reading more and more about living the rural dream - people who apparently exist like manic fools in the city suddenly thinking everything will be different if they have a werp living a field away from them. They suddenly think that they will start talking to their neighbours if they move - be it to Spain or to a quaint Cornish fishing village.

Can I just mention a few things:
1. you don't need to live in rural Spain to shop every day with a basket and buy fruit.
2. You can wear a thick jumper anywhere you like.
3. Lots of urban people talk to their neighbours, lots of people in the countryside think their neighbours are tossers.
4. If you spend your time watching East Enders whilst living in the city rather than going for walks, it's likely that you might after a few weeks in the countryside too.
5. chopping logs hurts your hands and risks you taking a toe off.

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