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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog...

How to Increase traffic to your blog  

 Writing a blog should be an art form, and in the same way that some artists are good and some rubbish, blogs will be the same. However, in the same way that some artists have loads of people wanting to see their work and others sit in dark sheds in their gardens resting their chips on stacks of masterpieces , the same is with blogs. One would question the point of writing a blog that no-one ever reads, so the quest is to get more people to read them.

I recently had a spate of trying hard, and in doing so I analysed my blog-readers’ statistics (HELLO CANADA! NICE TO SEE YOU FOLKS!). It was good to see that people all over the world are reading it and hopefully enjoying it, but I couldn’t work out how Ukranian people (HELLO UKRANIAN PEOPLE!) found it. If I could only work out how they spotted it, then maybe I could work on those elements – clearly that banner with “READ MY BLUG” tied to the tree in the garden would not be the source.

The referring sources were the usual suspects – Google, Ask etc. Then I looked at which posts people were heading for: for yesterday, it was the one on February 23rd, named “Smacking Bottoms”… Now, this had intended to be a sensible blog about the merits or otherwise of smacking our kids – maybe on the bottom, or maybe on the leg. What I hadn’t thought that it might be would be a means of “release” for people.

I thought about it. I felt a bit miffed, then I sniggered a bit at those people finding my blog being really hacked off. Then I thought, maybe, just maybe I could capitalise on these people…

So please excuse me while I increase a little traffic to my blog: Big Bottoms, Get Your Free Sex Here, Increase the Size Of Your Manhood for Free,  Pizzas for 99p.

And they say that the economy is in a bad state.  

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