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Friday, 14 December 2012

For those who won't be sending Christmas cards this year...

In the true vein of Christmas, I have decided not to send Christmas cards*, but instead to write a simple blog and pretend to give the money that I would have confessed to spending on cards and stamps to charity.

Therefore in the vein of these cop-outs, I need also to tell you that the children are doing fantastically at school. They have all been selected to represent their country at maths and have so many friends that they are unable to remember all their names.

Huw and I are still wonderfully in love and have spent most of the year smiling at each other.


We all receive the occasional one of these and of course we never believe them. I am proposing that if anyone tells you that they aren’t sending cards because they are giving the money to charity, you ask to see a receipt, or the little certificate on their office wall. Or ask that if they had given you a card, what would it have had on the front? If it was a robin on skis, know that their donation is only worth £7.50 anyway...

*Actually, I am still intending to send them, but just haven't gotten round to it yet.

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