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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Another day, another rejection letter.

And, Another day, another five minutes wasted trying to work out how to create a new blog.

A fine weekend of fun and frolics. I think we went to Co-op AND Aldi, so excited were we about shopping in general. We were then able to put our virtual cupboard storage plan into action - because we have such a small kitchen and so few cupboards, we decided that we would not unpack the groceries from the boot of the car, but instead would just drive round with them in there and just pop out to fetch a can of beans when we needed one. Realised yesterday that the plan was a little flawed when I pierced a bottle of vegetable oil after slinging the pushchair on top of everything and also found that we'd lost a couple packs of bacon due to the heat.

Today, the girls' nursery is shut due to the fact that they are demolishing the school next to it, and so I have Claire the wonderful lady from the nursery come to the house to look after the girls while I do some work (well, surely typing this and reading about Jade Goodie is work?). So I was up until 3 a.m. shovelling debris out of the kitchen so that she wouldn't be sick if she looked under the table. I also had to write a list of things they can do to entertain themselves and am now wondering if I were taking the P*ss a bit by saying that Charlotte loves to clean the cooker, so if she could help her to do that, that would be great, gloves under the sink.

My rejection letter was from an online magazine that somehow didn't like my cheesy book plug that was thinly disguised as an article. Spooky eh?

Huw has gone to Bristol again today, so I have "number one" desk in the office, rather than being sat at the kitchen table. I thought that I would try and sort out the clutter that is stuck to it by fruit pastilles, but instead have thought sod it, rested my computer on an old pasty and got stuck in to my blog...