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Monday, 4 August 2008

The Pain of being a techno-fool

It is quite sad really that with my sixth blog, I am still having to find my way around the process each time I start. I can never remember how to create a new post (perhaps someone is trying to tell me something) and always end up jumping to the sad git on the "next blog" who has always just released new photos of their hairy fiance. It's tedious being such a techno-fool.

But, the day is good in that my Observer piece is on the web for all those (Proberts) who are a bit short this week and didn't want to buy the paper - go to - unless of course you're from my family, in which case, why not check out the latest Jamie Oliver recipe?

I have been pimping myself to the WI and reading groups today in the quest for fruit cake and book sales. I haven't had any takers yet - perhaps word has got round about the quality of my sponge...

Also - there is a call for chapter headings for the next book please - I am looking for phrases that are about saving money to a ridiculous degree. For example "Stitch newspaper to the inside of your coat", or "cooking pasta in a thermos" (I used to do this, it worked! Although I did used to end up with one large slug of pasta to go with my sweetcorn). My favourite one is "harnessing the steam from your pi*ss" (perhaps a suggestion for a project for Glasu or Severn Wye Energy Agency?)
Any thoughts appreciated.

Best wishes,

PS - I think that I am being really clever by putting Glasu and Severn Wye Energy Agency in my "Key words". That'll learn people for looking them up on the web...