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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Village Fetes and shaving foam.

After having thought that there would be an easy blog following the village fete - lots of smug comments about people enjoying themselves whilst I looked down at them and sniggered - I actually had a great day and therefore feel both arrogant and humble.

No-one seemed to want to buy my home-made marmalade, no doubt having noticed that it was mainly in old gherkin jars that still smelt of vinegar, or Pataks curry jars, so that the marmalade had a cloudy turmeric tinge to it. But never mind as that means lots of Christmas presents taken care of. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't supported in my offer of organising a Sh*t the Penny game, as I am sure that that would have raised a fortune.

I managed to bribe Huw to come along to help on the helium balloon stand, for the promise of a bacon sandwich, but it all went a bit sour when he turned up just as the last bacon was being slapped in between some white sliced and handed to a fat bloke. But the balloon race was a success with about 80 kids standing in the middle of the field crying as their balloons flew up into the sky - apologies if anyone's cows are choking on the rubber at this time, but it will be in a good cause.

There will be prizes for the returns of the labels attached to the balloons - the winner being the one from furthest away. Huw is determined that his girls will win and is, as I type, driving up to John o'Groats to post Charlotte and Maude's labels. He will be gutted when he learns that the first prize is a copy of Chocolate Mousse and Two Spoons...

oh and the shaving foam bit is just a game I played with Charlotte that got out of hand - like most of our games seem to. I'm just hoping that it doesn't strip car paint...