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Sunday, 5 October 2008

A gentle calm..

Hello folks!

I have now sent in my tricky second novel to the publisher and feel a gentle calm over me. It is as if there is nothing else I can do and therefore there is no need to panic.

Of course, there is plenty to panic about, the credit crunch is munching at my toes...

Despite that, we spent surely the most fun day ever last weekend with a friend and his chain saw lopping our leylandii which grew in a big circle round the outside of our garden and protected us from the weather and voyeurs. Therefore, we decided to take the bu**ers down.

Best of all, our friend had a Monster Truck that I had to drive (well, inch forward) to pull the trees in the right direction. Someone else tried it and were too busy playing with the (their) gearstick and didn't listen, and the tree went the wrong way over the fence and into the field. Oh, so much fun - and now we have a house-size pile of brash to burn. Roll on bonfire night when we can smoke out the whole village with live-leylandii white smoke.

The downside is that our house is wracked by storms - we have lost slates, water has blown under the door and the early morning dog walkers are frightened by the sight of me in my pants, with morning face, making the tea.

Despite all this, my Christmas list still includes a Chainsaw and Huw's is full of Monster Trucks...

MONster truck, MONster truck - repeat to fade...