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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Welsh Rugby and dark street lights


Spending most of the day waiting for something that doesn't start until 5 p.m is always a mistake. Especially when it is Wales versus the All Blacks. Huw has been so excited, sat in his red dragon pants, since 3.

The first interruption was a friend dropping by on his way home from the hospital with a suspected broken wrist - and he is so hard that he was driving himself to and from the hospital on his motorcycle, and had come via our place so that he missed the big hill and had to change gears less than if he went the main-road way.

By the time I had been dispatched from the game to make the mid-match hotdogs, it was all over and it was a very miserable house that smeared tomato sauce and sausage fat over the sofa.

In Powys, the council have been saving money by turning off two out of every three street lights. This has obviously split the county into those who think it's a great idea and those who set out each night in the attempt to fall over something public-funded. The newspapers are full of debate about it and pictures of poor souls who have tripped in the dark / had their car pinched / stepped in dog sh*t etc.
We, however, obviously have the "third street light" as ours has stayed on and because we rarely go anywhere after 4p.m (because of wolves) we have never really noticed any difference.
But tonight - with amazing local service, we have been rung by our local council member to ask if we would mind if "our" light was put on a timer and was turned off between 12.30a.m. and 5 a.m! We said no problem, but could they put it to come on at 7.15 a.m as we have rigged it up to a teasmade and it would be great for it to be delivered down the little wire at about that time.

I suppose if you are out after 12.30 a.m, you are probably going to fall over / step in dog sh*t anyway, so whether it is dark when it happens or not, is not really an issue...