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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

From The Times to slugs in the shed


As winter was approaching, we decided that Huw was getting a bit soft and it was time for him to go and work in the shed again. About a year and a half ago, I cleared out one of our little barns of all the stuff you stick in barns and painted it. He perished out there for some months, and turned it from what I imagined would be the perfect place to work - rugs, a coffee table, a few pictures and plants, to a littered hovel with toy cars and tobacco strands on every surface, and a dead spider plant hanging in the corner - a real Man Shed.

The tin hat was reached for him when he heard a rustling and after a bit of investigation found a frog amongst his To File pile.

It was closed for winter and got slowly filled with things that we had no room for anywhere else - broken coat hangers, bits of Ikea furniture that had broken before they were assembled, and the girls' tents. You an imagine my groan when I realised that I had to clear it out again.

So yesterday it was done. I swept up old post it notes with important messages on, dragged spiders' webs off the ceilings and picked snails off the walls. I did find an old slug stuck to a box who was so dry and rubbery that I managed to find a home for him in Huw's wine gums bag. He has now gone, so couldn't have tasted that bad.

Hopefully the weather will take a turn for the worst in time for him to get out there on friday...

Just another little interview published if you are interested in reading such things - in my quest for world domination I trawled the web for places abroad that might like my book and found a good site in Australia! I've done an interview for them - so if you were ever interested in book reveiws and things about me, check this out...

Bye for now,