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Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Difficult Second Novel - it's on its way!


An exciting time as last night I checked the phone messages and found two from members of my family saying "Well done, but why didn't you tell us?" It turned out that my newest and second book, Eating Blackbirds, is now on Amazon, to be published in July! I hadn't actually told them, as I didn't know myself, knowing only that it would be coming out sometime this year - so it was brilliant news and made it all quite real at last.

Eating Blackbirds draws on my time in the Council - and the main character is the cliche bloke who is doing as little as possible whilst he waits to retire (no-one in Powys was actually like that, well - apart from me). His runaway neice arrives on his doorstep with a new baby and turns his ordered dull little life into chaos. He looks for somewhere to retreat and ends up stepping into the life of the husband of a woman he has met when he visited her second home through Council business. When he actually does retire he has to carry out all the plans that he has been putting off for the last forty years..

The title Eating Blackbirds is because the hero is very frugal and mean (I wonder how I managed to write such a convincing character?) and "not does" things in order to save the money that he would otherwise spend. (Again, where DOES that imagination come from?).

I started writing the book about three years ago, so this is fruition of a lot of work over a long period of time.

Check it out on Amazon - and save yourself £1.60 on a pre-order!

Now for that celebratory cup of tea...