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Friday, 23 January 2009

A Fresh Start! A Fresh Photo!

Today is a fresh start to a new and exciting blog!

The week has been a relay of cock-ups. From lost correspondence to unknowingly unpaid bills and general administrative muck-ups that I would rather not think about – but that is what has got me in to this mess in the first place, so perhaps it would be better that I did…
The fresh start, therefore, starts with a new photo to the blog – an hilarious one of me in my youth when I played rugby for Neath. Here I am, hacking along the wing of the Gnoll, in my dad’s rugby shorts and an old gum shield that I found at the side of the pitch after the blokes had gone home. Note the look of determination. Marvel at the lack of muscle definition in my thighs.
In accordance with the fresh start, I am asking that you play your bit too please. I am looking to whack up the numbers of lucky folks who get to read this occasional nonsense – so why not make a commitment to stick the url at the bottom of your email signature? Send it to friends as something to help stall the start of tucking into work. Pop it on your office intranet and show yourself to be a cut above the other cattle. By sticking it in random places on the Internet, I am told that it increases the likelihood of people stumbling across it – just think of whose day you can cheer up!

I have now written off the week as a lesson to be learnt. My new, improved week will have me reading my correspondence, rather than putting it in a safe place for when I have a little time. I will set time aside for filing. I will clean up as I go along. I will also tidy my bedroom, phone all my old friends and eat raw alfalfa for breakfast.

I did a talk for the Llanddewi Ystradenny WI on Monday night, as part of my strategy for gaining a world bestseller. I spoke about my travels abroad and my experiences of being published and showed them a few photos of Peruvian potatoes and some pet guinea-pigs being fattened for restaurants. They were lovely ladies and I hope that they enjoyed it, but I have a horrible feeling that I mis-judged the best spoon competition – I lay in bed that night feeling sure that I should have put the silver one with the flowers on in second place and the brass one with leaves on in third. Never mind – I suppose it was simply another indication that this week was just not going to be perfect, but it is a shame that other people have had to suffer…