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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Do as I say...


After doing a little marketing work for a local business, I decided to review what marketing I have been doing for my own - of course, the answer is none of that which I have been advising as essential.

I had a quick peek at Amazon to see how Chocolate Mousse and Two Spoons is doing in the ratings and saw that it has rocketed to 351,000th best selling position. This is good news as at one point there were over a million other books stashed in Amazon's damp warehouses that were selling better than mine. So that was good to see. What was not so good to see is that the related items that are on the "People who bought this book also bought..." section included Sleeping Beauty (I bet I know who that was) and Only Men Aloud. Come on people, if you buy the next one, please can you buy it at the same time as you are buying a Dickens?

It does remind me of the time that Huw bought my mum a couple of Lace Making books for Christmas and kept getting emails from Amazon about whether he fancied going for a special offer on Knitting Rabbits for Easter Hats or Making Vests Even Scratchier With Unwashed Yarn books.

My favourite thing of the week was finding our girls bouncing on the bed playing the Grandpa Game - which is basically jumping up and down with their trousers pulled up to their chests. I dread to think what the Mother Game consists of...