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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Community Plays and Toad Avoidance

After a brief period of non-blogging, I am back and bursting with enthusiasm about the Builth Wells Community Play, to which I went on Saturday evening.

The drive down on a wet Saturday night was fraught with toad avoidance as our slimy little friends are hacking across the roads as slowly as they possibly can - mainly because they are horrified at the amount of their dead pals that already haven't made it. A road by a lake has been closed in Powys as so many of the squelchy things are crossing it and boy-racers think it's great to go Toad Skidding in their XR3s (I may be a little behind the times with regard to the make of boy-racer cars, but you get the picture?) However, I think I made it without splatting too many of them, but only because I went at five miles per hour. Although I hate toads and frogs with a passion, I still don't like the idea of squashing them, mainly because the thought of them going pop sends me into even more shudders of horror.

I met my friend at her house and we walked to the show only to find that on the way back the little blighters had made it to her road and they were everywhere. My friend's partner is all countryside and he was looking at them and I was trying so hard to not show my fear as I was sure he would have flipped them at me - and he probably would have, had he not just been playing guitar at a Commmunity Play as was feeling all benevolent towards his neighbours.

I made it into the car with only a few squelches beneath my feet and thought I was safe, but then sat on a burger that Huw had left there a few days before... (damn those slimy gherkins)

Oh, and the show was great - I didn't understand all the jokes, unlike the clever bloke in front of me, but it was great.

Lastly, a Well Done to my little sister Abby who has apparently just clinched a first class degree in Engineering. Well done you swot. (I could have got a first class degree if I had wanted one, if I had done a bit more work and had a slightly different genetic make up...)