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Saturday, 18 July 2009

This evening, I shall mostly be reading Eating Blackbirds...

Hello all - just a small and rather triumphant blog to say that Eating Blackbirds has officially hit the shelves...
It is a tale that starts with a man who has spent his whole adult life waiting for retirement. He has scrimped and saved, pinched tea-bags and missed out. And then he retires and all his plans have to be put into action...
In addition to this fantastic central thread, we have council workers, men in tights, gerbils, teenage mothers and weeing under beds.
I did try and put in baby rabbits in cat sick, but my editor removed it. I put it in again. She removed it again. I hope that the final result is a successful compromise to all.

Please feel free to buy a copy and thoroughly enjoy it. Please also feel free to buy more and leave them on trains for others to enjoy, or give them as gifts to all your relatives and friends. Please note: to all my relatives and friends, knowing that you will probably get one for Christmas does not let you off the hook for buying your own now.

I am sure that, in the spirit of collaboration, we can all pull together and maybe I can recover the cost of the biros that wrote it.

In addition - here is your quest. Amazon have no reviewers yet (they will have in five minutes, I am almost 100% certain...) so you can be the first person to review it. However, on top of that you can now do a VIDEO review! How cool would that be. So, sit in your biggest pants and tell the world how good it was.

Many thanks,