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Monday, 3 August 2009

Not swine, but boring flu

Hello there, here is a small blog that I just about have the strength to type, having spent most of the weekend on the phone to NHS Direct to ascertain that I have normal flu, not swine flu, but common everyday flu. The good news is that the wonderful Huw has done everything with the girls, whisked them off for fun days out and then come home to cook mah tea! I just wish I felt well enough to enjoy the peace - I could surely have dug the garden over in the time I've had to myself!

However, having the flu usually means that very little else has happened and that is the case with me - the only excitement on the horizon is that I've managed to wangle myself a spot on Walesonline's "I can't live without..." Having looked over a few past ones, they tend to be Jimmy choos, complicated cocktails and weekly facials - mine are going to be a little more agricultural...

The exciting side is that I'm going to be featured - the worrying part is that some poor soul is coming to our house on Thursday to photograph me and my favourite things! Therefore, amongst my five favourites, unless I feel better enough soon to muck out the house, there is also going to be fluff, lego, odd shoes and carpet stains. My legacy - great ...