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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I can't live without...

Hi folks !
A few weeks ago, I got to hear about the "I can't live without..." list in the Western Mail - five things that you can't manage without. I thought about them, applied to them and they accepted, saying that they would send a photographer around. I assumed that someone would point a quality camera-phone at my pile of muddy things and take a photo and then head off back to the Western Mail, saying "hers weren't very exciting were they..."

The guy had rung to say he would be at the house at half nine to ten, probably more like ten. Instead, I was looking out of the window at nine a.m in my baggyist pyjamas, debating as to whether I should bother having shower or not, when his car pulled up... Oh dear. I scrambled into a few clothes that were nearest to the top of the pile and ran downstairs.

I now know why my photos always look rubbish and professional ones don't as he took care in making my paltry essentials (nappies, spare wipes, socks etc for the children, a paper and pen, a ring that Huw gave me, a photo of when I looked fit and tanned and my wellies for when it all gets too much) look nice, propping one against another etc.

I watched on with interest and then realised that he was going to do the same with me. Wishing that I had actually washed my hair after all, I was taken into the garden and told to look funky. I have been called many things, but funky has never been one of them and I could hear the giggling from inside the double-glazed windows as I stood as coolly as one can look with a pole up their backside.

After many days of checking the Western Mail, I finally spotted it and all my things looked really good, so it obviously wasn't the photographer that was at fault. I now have Attend Funky Classes on my todo list next to the point saying Shower More Often...