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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back at last...

Hello to anyone who might pop by to the site after such a long absence...

The reason I stopped blogging for so long is ... that I'm pregnant. And at the time of stopping I was in the So Tired I Just Lie on Fluff on the Carpet, hurling at any mention of coffee or bogies or anything to do with fish stage. I decided that for the time being, I didn't have enough energy to spare as I could hardly put my shoes on, let alone think of anything witty or interesting to blog about (some may say that that has been a perenial problem...).

So, now I am about 7 months pregnant - still thinking, "where are we going to put it?" but have got a little energy back and am now only sick when scraping cold baked beans into the bin or having to reach into the back of the fridge. So, having had the County Times saying to look at my great blog, I decided that if anyone were to look at it, the least I could do would be to give people something up to date to look at! So, hopefully I will now try and put a post up each week again.

Starting with, of course, the snow - how exciting, -16 degrees, frozen pipes, wet gloves, kids sliding off down the hill and me being unable to run after them despite the pleading look in their eyes. Not a great deal has happened aside from bringing in logs, so I will leave this week's blog at this and spend the next week trying to get back into the swing of things..

Cheers me 'ansomes,

PS - we went to Co-op yesterday for a little stockpiling and amongst all the cars lined up in the car park as their owners were frantically buying tins of pineapple chunks, there was a tractor - how cool was that!