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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Credit Crunch Crunches

We have had a reveiw of household finances and realised that we don't actually have any. Finances that is. So it's back to where I feel most comfortable - being a right skinflint. I have got a second kettle to put on top of the fire and spend most of my days carrying boiling kettles over the top of the children, back and fore between the fire in the sitting room and the kettle or sink in the kitchen, so that I don't have to use the hot water tank or heat the kettle from cold.

However, this is of course taking its toll on the carpets, so I have to factor in their wear and tear. So, I have done a calculation and found out that it is better for me to climb over the chairs instead as their wear is longer term, and therefore I am hopeful that by the time I have worn them out, the credit crunch will be over.

I have also moved back into my 1980s chinos for days when I am not being seen in public, instead of wearing out my only pair of jeans. Yes, the crunch is biting.

However, one good aspect of the credit crunch is hearing people talking about it. We had the plumber in today to look at a pipe that is on its way out (I swung on it, whilst trying to avoid standing on a rug). He had a cup of tea with Huw and they were joined by the plumber's boss, so they all had one. They all sat there saying how terrible it was and how difficult it was to make money in this climate. By the time I was about to pop my head round the door and remind them that making money whilst sat on one's a*rse would be difficult in any climate, Huw had beaten the plumber who worked for 25 hours a day, by having to try and make money from a cardboard box lined with broken glass in the middle of a motorway...

As for yesterday, I spent most of my productive hours trying to sort out a "replace all" command in my book text - I had decided that a bloke called Ron should actually be called Brian, but forgot that computers aren't THAT clever. I must have spent two hours trying to sort out all
the "wBriang"s and "StBriang"s and "fBriant"s that started out life as Wrongs, Strongs and Fronts...