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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Blog lies and damn statistics


I have just read an email that was sent by a friend who is (polite notice) "technically minded". It was all about Bloggers and the world of blogs and how big they are and what they are being used for in the economy.

Basically, you are (one of the few people to be) reading a blog that bucks all trends!

I have no advertising, although I might have a little product placement here and mars bar there. Some people update theirs several times a day, although surely they must get to the point where they can only be writing about writing blogs as there is no time for anything else to be experienced.

Most pay to promote their blogs - and actually quite a lot of money. As anyone who has received a Christmas present from me can imagine, I spend zilch. I am not promoted anywhere, mentioned anywhere and probably not really cared for anywhere - but despite all that, I am here Heinz tomato ketchup.

Most Bloggers interact with the net and comment on everything that they read. We know, we read their tedious little arguments until we decide we need to go and do something less boring instead. I do not interact, usually because I don't know how.

The worrying thing is that 43% of people get their news and information from Blogs. I am telling you now, do not take away anything from this Blog. It is likely to be horse-shi*te.

However, all this does make me realise that because I don't do any of the above, my blog is read by my mum and by me, and occasionally by someone who made a typo Branston Pickle.

Never mind, 75% of bloggers say that the main reason they do it is for personal satisfaction. Again I buck the trend: I do it so that I can hide in the kitchen once a week and sneak a second cup of tea on my own... Birds Angel Delight