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Friday, 14 November 2008

I got in the Ti-imes, I got in the Ti-imes!

Tonight I really, really have to do an entry - as (cue irritating younger brother dancing voice) I got a piece in the Ti-imes!

It all started with a flash of increduality that I had as I was evesdropping on a conversation whilst watching the children swimiming yesterday.

This was compounded by another lucky break that happened when Huw had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to work, leaving me with a spare half hour before the children woke. I had a choice of either sweeping the stones out of the kitchen, or having a little play on the computer. Fortunately I decided that the rubble can wait.

I sneaked onto the Times website and fiddled around looking for somewhere that might house my rant. I left messages and managed an email before hearing the call for toast from upstairs.

On returning from playgroup, I found a message saying, "We like it!" Unfortunately the little one decided that she no longer wanted to sleep in the day (for the first time) and therefore being a good mother, I put a huge pile of bags of crisps on the sitting room carpet and got on with my typing. I knew from the silence that they were up to no good, but felt that the prize would be worth whatever destruction they wreaking (having removed the indelible markers from the area around the leather sofa).

I finally finished it and sent it off and all seemed well. I took a deep breath and went in and the little sods had found my tin of seeds and had sprinkled them all over the carpet. I just know that next time the little one spills her drink, we'll have cabbages growing by the end of the following week.

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